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Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council


The Pastoral Council, under the authority of the Pastor, considers and proposes practical recommendations concerning the pastoral work of the Parish of St. Anthony in Hughson, California.

Unless otherwise specified, the Pastoral Council functions as a consultative and advisory council for the Pastor. The Council assists the Pastor in articulating the vision for the Parish through practical goals and objectives in order to implement the Parish Mission Statement. Although the Pastoral Council is not an administrative body, it assists “in fostering pastoral activity”. (Canon 536,§1)

St. Anthony’s Vision Statement

Unified through the Eucharist – we, the Community of St. Anthony’s,
embrace our many cultures as we pray, grieve and celebrate together,
one church alive in the body of Christ.

St. Anthony’s Parish Mission Statement

Keeping in mind that our Parish is made up of many different ethnic, social and economic backgrounds, we, based on our common ground, faith, sacraments, prayer, will try to improve our spiritual life as the number one priority in our parish.


To achieve this goal there are some steps to follow:

  1. Maintain some place(s) where God may be worshipped and adored in His True Presence in the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist.
  2. Maintain and provide for all Sacraments to be given to the people of the parish of St. Anthony’s.
  3. Provide religious formation according to Christ as given by the Holy Catholic Church through its magisterial teaching by counseling and religious education.
  4. Provide a place and atmosphere where people may gather as family for both spiritual and social support of one another.
  5. Implement by all the means the care of the sick and the elderly through visits and special gatherings to enrich their lives with spiritual happiness.
  6. The youth must be a special concern for all of us, given they are the present and the future of the Church, as they follow the example of those who have done so much for our parish family of St. Anthony’s.